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Refer A Friend Promotion

Since we began our SST service in 1998, our customers have been our best sales people. To say "Thank You", we've set up a program to reward our customers for any new referrals.

For each new subscriber you refer, we'll add 2 months to your subscription.

We'll also give an extra month to the new subscriber to encourage them to remember to use your name as the referrer.

The program is very simple. When a new subscriber signs up on our website, there is a field on the signup form labeled "Referred By." If the subscriber enters your name there, you get 2 months added to whatever subscription term you have left. We also add 1 extra month to your friend's subscription. That's all there is to it. No forms to submit, no special codes, no tracking on your part. They don't have to sign up on-line, if they call us the same deal applies.

There is a little bit of fine print and here it is:

  1. The "referrer" must be a current Terrafin subscriber to receive the 2 month bonus.
  2. The "new subscriber" must be a NEW paid subscriber, not valid on renewals.
  3. That's it!