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Mexico * Caribbean * Central America * Brazil * Venezuela
Welcome to Terrafin SST-View! Since 1998 we have been providing computer enhanced sea surface temperature (SST) and Chlorophyll charts for anglers and divers. We now cover the entire Continental U.S. coastline, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Pacific coast of Central America, Venezuela and Brazil. We most likely have your region covered, if you don't see it, ask! We prepare our enhanced charts using high resolution data from NOAA and European satellites. We process that data using state of the art Satellite Imaging software. We select the best shots for each region, then review and manually correct for navigation and atmospheric problems in the data. It's time-consuming, but a must for creating quality charts! We then produce enlarged images of specific local areas, using the best temperature range for that area to help emphasize the temperature breaks. We overlay a lat/lon grid for the region, finally adding local reference points and bottom contours to the chart. The final result is an easy to use, detailed chart that will prove to be an invaluable on the water tool. As with all sea temperature services, we don't get images through the clouds, as a result some regions are updated more frequently than others. There are also times when the NOAA Satellites do not capture a particular region, or a ground station can encounter problems receiving the data. (We do our best to minimize these problems by using multiple redundant data sources.) Sometimes this can result in no data for a few days or longer. Either way, we'll TRY, every day, and will process whatever portion of a region is clear.

Membership rates are $109 for a full year, with unlimited access to ALL regions. Please read our FAQ for specifics on frequency of updates, limitations, etc. Feel free to browse around the sample charts, free regional charts, FAQ (frequently asked questions), etc. You'll see we keep the last 20 images for each region on the site, click on the Latest SST button to see the various indexes. Check out the indexes for your regions of interest to see how the images have been lately, 5 star rating is the best, 1 star rating is pretty weak. We also have a "Free Images" section, which will contain the most recent regional SST. While they cover too large of an area to be especially helpful as an on-the-water tool, these images are still good for getting the "big picture".

If you run into any problems navigating this site, or have any comments, questions or suggestions, we would sure appreciate hearing about it...Send us a message!

Terrafin Features
"Mouse Driven" Lat/Lon Position + Temperature Move the cursor anywhere on the chart, Latitude / Longitude (and now Temperature!) is displayed in the browser status window (at the bottom of the browser screen).

Distance and Bearing Calculations Click anywhere on the chart to specify your origin, as you move the mouse the distance and bearing from that origin is displayed in the browser status window. For a quick explanation on how to use this feature, Click Here

Chart Loop Tool View the last 20 charts in an animated loop or step through them one at a time. Watch the water move! Look under each region index for the link to the Chart Loop Tool for that specific region. It takes a stretch of good weather before the Chart Loop really becomes useful, but when the conditions are right it can be very helpful.

Route Planning Tools Click to place marks or plot a route on any chart. A list of the selected waypoints is created at the bottom of the page, which is easily printed along with the chart. This is a great pre-trip planning tool, and also a simple way to create a float plan to leave at home!

Terrafin Mobile The Terrafin Mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, and is included with your subscription. Use the app to download the latest charts while you have cell service, then you can pull up the images when you are offshore. Mark waypoints, get distance and bearing, even show your vessel position on the chart.

Chlorophyll Charts Chlorophyll data can be used to predict the water color. High concentrations = higher nutrient (plankton) levels, but more off-color water. Low concentrations = clearer, blue water. These charts have proven to be extremely valuable for both inshore and offshore fishing. Our chlorophyll charts are processed daily.

Daily Cloud Free "Blended SST" Charts Regional charts using data derived from multiple satellite sources, blended into a single cloud free SST image each day. Not as high resolution as our standard SST charts, but a great alternative during periods with a lot of cloud cover. Read more about this data here.

Altimetry and Currents Charts Regional Altimetry and Currents charts are included with the service at no extra charge. You can read more info about this data here.

Unlimited Access to All Regions When you subscribe to Terrafin your membership fee gets you access to ALL the regions that we cover. There are no extra charges for additional regions, no extra charges for different levels of data, no extra charges period. Fish the NE Canyons in the summer, but Florida and the Bahamas in the winter? Maybe SoCal and Mexico with a quick trip to Hawaii? No problem, you get it all!