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SST-View Terms and Conditions

SST-View membership entitles you to a Login for your individual use only. We understand that you may use your Login from multiple locations, and we have made allowances for that. However, our membership software monitors logins on a daily basis, looking for logins that are coming from more than 2 ISP's in a single day. Login's that are found to be abusing the system will be considered in violation of this agreement, and will be deleted, with NO REFUND DUE. So PLEASE, don't give your login and password to friends. Our membership prices are very reasonable, and we would like to keep it that way!

Chart Updates
We will make every attempt to update the charts daily. However, we are not always able to get a new image for every region, due to cloud cover, incomplete satellite shots, etc. Certain times of the year it will be difficult to get a new image due to cloud cover, this will vary by region. There are also occasions where the satellite shots clip off a particular region. This is uncommon, as we generally have several shots to choose from each day, but it does occur, particularly in the Southern Baja and Mexico regions. There are times when we can go several days with no data to process.

Chart Accuracy
Our temperature charts are intended as an aid in understanding and locating temperature breaks on the water. THEY ARE NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE! We strive to ensure that the charts and reference points are as accurate as possible, but we take no responsibility for inaccuracies.

Membership Period
Membership privileges are for consecutive days, based on the term you select. One year memberships expire one year from the date of sign up, one month memberships (when offered) expire one month from the date of sign up. Memberships can not be stopped and started within the term.

Discontinued Regions
Terrafin Software reserves the right to discontinue processing charts for any region, due to lack of interest or any other reason. In the event that a region is discontinued, subscribers may choose to discontinue their membership. Pro-rated refunds will be issued based on the length of the membership term remaining.

All SST-View Charts are protected by copyright laws. You may not re-distribute the images either in printed form or by electronic means. Charts may not be used for public or online display, without the express permission of Terrafin Software.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions above.

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